Bray Road Bright Light chase.

  1. 20170622_210249~2Hello I’m Lee Hampel, aka Roy Smith in Linda Godfrey’s book “Monsters Among Us!!”,owner of a 35 acre hayfield near Bray Rd near Elkhorn Wi. For 3+ years I have been doing research on my farm in an effort to discover The Beast of Bray Rd. ¬†Many unusual occurrences have taken place, the most recent being chased on Bray Rd, June 22nd 2017, by an extremely white, bright light.. When driving on Bray Rd the bright light was approaching me from the rear. It caught up to me about one mile from highway 11. I was able to snap 2 pictures through my rear window using reverse direction feature on my smartphone. At highway 11 I turned right and look back and noticed the light remained at the stop sign. ¬†After a few seconds I looked back again and I could not see any light. And I never saw any type of vehicle. Here is the 2nd picture of the 2 photos I took..
For comparison, below is a test photo I took, with the same smart phone, of an actual vehicle behind my truck.