Deer mutilation and removal.


I put 18 roadkill deer in my field for the period from Sept 2013 to June 2016.. 16 of the deer were carried away!!! Some were mutilated first, others were carried away whole..The sequence of pics shows a 9-day period from May 30th, 2014 to June 7th, 2014… The 1st pic shows the position of the deer as I had placed it.. The deer was then moved in the 2nd pic and wedged between two trees.. The deer does not appear to have been dragged, as the grass is still standing… The 3rd pic shows the right front leg has been removed and was taken away… The 4th pic shows the deer has been moved further between the trees with more mutilation.. Note the left front leg was behind the tree and now is forward of the tree…. The 5th pic shows the deer has been completely moved backward with no apparent drag marks… The 6th now shows the deer has been forward back between the two trees and now is covered with maggots…The 7th pic shows that now deer has been completely removed from the field!!!! All of this activity took place in front of perfectly working Moultre camera!!! This is just one of the 16 times that a deer was mutilated and removed!!!

One thought on “Deer mutilation and removal.”

  1. Hi,
    I watched your interview on the film “The Bray Road Beast”. The most fascinating aspect of your testimony and evidence was the engulfing mist that removed the deer carcass. This reminded me of ancient animal sacrifice rituals where it was reported that the animal would be consumed either by fire or a cloud (see the Bible). Not sure if this was ever reported outside of a theistic context but it would be an interesting line of inquiry to pursue.

    best regards

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