Deer mutilation and removal.


I put 18 roadkill deer in my field for the period from Sept 2013 to June 2016.. 16 of the deer were carried away!!! Some were mutilated first, others were carried away whole..The sequence of pics shows a 9-day period from May 30th, 2014 to June 7th, 2014… The 1st pic shows the position of the deer as I had placed it.. The deer was then moved in the 2nd pic and wedged between two trees.. The deer does not appear to have been dragged, as the grass is still standing… The 3rd pic shows the right front leg has been removed and was taken away… The 4th pic shows the deer has been moved further between the trees with more mutilation.. Note the left front leg was behind the tree and now is forward of the tree…. The 5th pic shows the deer has been completely moved backward with no apparent drag marks… The 6th now shows the deer has been forward back between the two trees and now is covered with maggots…The 7th pic shows that now deer has been completely removed from the field!!!! All of this activity took place in front of perfectly working Moultre camera!!! This is just one of the 16 times that a deer was mutilated and removed!!!

Two recent sightings at the hayfield

20170812_124512_HDR~220170506_122900~2Recently there have been 2 very unusual sightings at Lee Hampel’s hayfield by Bray Rd.. On May 5th, 2017 at about 9:30 pm I turned out of my driveway and saw two very bright orange/red eyes looking at me 2 electric poles down the road…They were about 3′ from the ground on the shoulder of the road…As I approached I then saw one orange/red eye from the bottom of  the 4′ embankment…With 1′ of grass growing on the roadside, I would think that the eye was from 5′ to 6′ from the ground…As I approached closer, thinking ” I’m going to see this animal.” suddenly I saw an eye 15′ to 20′ out in the field and almost immediately the orange /red eye was another 15′ to 20′ further out into the field!! It moved extremely fast and did not see any body, just the eyes!!! The next morning I checked for tracks and found the tracks in the pic on the edge of the field. The tracks are 2.5″x 3″. I could not find any tracks further out into the field!!

On Aug. 11 my son Jason, his friend Brianna and Me were in my pickup truck, at 9:45 pm, parked in my hayfield.. I still have about 10 acres of first cutting hay to bale and we were spotlighting above this 5′ tall grass, shown in pic. Jason has his thumb on the 5′ mark..Then 2 bright large, round, golden yellow eyes popped up above the 5′ tall grass and looked at us for about 5 secs then ducked down!!! Then we started driving around the edge of the field spotlighting as we moved, 2 more golden yellow eyes popped up above the grass and then ducked down!!! The grass seems to tall to see a deer’s eyes…

Two more interesting events at Roy Smith’s Hayfield!!!

Bray Road Bright Light chase.

  1. 20170622_210249~2Hello I’m Lee Hampel, aka Roy Smith in Linda Godfrey’s book “Monsters Among Us!!”,owner of a 35 acre hayfield near Bray Rd near Elkhorn Wi. For 3+ years I have been doing research on my farm in an effort to discover The Beast of Bray Rd.  Many unusual occurrences have taken place, the most recent being chased on Bray Rd, June 22nd 2017, by an extremely white, bright light.. When driving on Bray Rd the bright light was approaching me from the rear. It caught up to me about one mile from highway 11. I was able to snap 2 pictures through my rear window using reverse direction feature on my smartphone. At highway 11 I turned right and look back and noticed the light remained at the stop sign.  After a few seconds I looked back again and I could not see any light. And I never saw any type of vehicle. Here is the 2nd picture of the 2 photos I took..
For comparison, below is a test photo I took, with the same smart phone, of an actual vehicle behind my truck.